I am an enthusiastic individual who has a degree in Communication with a minor in Political Science. I have experience in an array of fields, which has motivated me to continue to look for opportunities to grow my knowledge. I have always had a passion for media, whether it being marketing, film, television, or radio.PAIGE_HEADSHOT

Comparatively, marketing became an interest of mine later down the road. After watching Mad Men, I started looking at advertising in a different way. I was intrigued by the way visual campaigns and even words could entice people to buy something or become part of a movement. When I started working for a loan company, they introduced me to PhotoShop, Google Analytics, and the marketing world. I fell in love with an idea or creating a campaign that people would like and be a part of, even improve the company.

Furthermore, I enjoy being part of the process. That’s what these topics have in common. I want to be the person behind the creations. Importantly, this page will outline my work experience, some of my work, and any other information you might need to know about myself.